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Simple & Secure Access to Your Complete KDP Data, How You Need It

KDP Wizard works by integrating your Kindle Direct Publishing data with Airtable β€” an incredibly powerful yet super easy to use database application.

Because KDP Wizard is simply acting as a facilitator between your Amazon KDP data and the trusted Airtable API application β€” your data is never stored, or passed through a third party server. It’s safe and secure.

Backup your entire KDP bookshelf — an entire page at a time, or each book one by one. KDP Wizard will present your data to be conveniently used to increase your productivity right within your KDP account bookshelf, and within the Chrome browser extension.

Explore Advanced Search & Filter Tools to Generate Actionable Product Lists

The KDP Wizard app gives you easy access to all of your book data in a quick and functional format β€” directly in your Chrome browser. You can use powerful search features to drill down deep.

Search your products by keywords, categories, published status, and more.

From Airtable, you can use filters, groups, and sorting to create custom views that will allow you to see your books organized by a variety of attributes. These visual and tactical displays of your business data will help you to identify patterns, errors, successes and more.

Gain New Insight By Examining Your KDP Book Data

The KDP Wizard Starter Template gives you a powerful, advanced base that will allow you to link, and then gather your KDP book data in exciting new ways. Link products to their design files so that you can see at a glance how particular designs, strategies, and book types are performing for you — and how your book type and marketplace reach is allocated.

List New Books, Execute Strategy, & Expand the Reach of Each Design

The KDP Wizard browser app is the Amazon KDP tool for listing and editing product information that will change the way you think about product creation. Once tedious and laborious tasks, you’ll find that keeping your KDP product catalog fresh and up to date is a breeze.

  • List existing book data to new KDP products with automatic data population.
  • Access your library of listing components through the book creation process. Easy access to keyword profiles, authors, contributors, descriptions, and more.
  • An in-page Rich Text Editor for book descriptions, to make optimized product descriptions effortless.
  • List to other publish on demand websites with ease, by accessing your KDP product data, cover, and interior files for easy copy and paste, from your browser extension to publishers across the web.

With powerful organization and listing tools in one package, the possibilities of what tasks you can perform combined with the intricate data available, is limitless.

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