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Complimentary Magic
  • Sync Products To Airtable
  • Basic Product Search
  • List to Other Platforms
  • Listing Scaler Table


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  • Auto-Sync
  • Real Time Sales Dashboard
  • Real Time Sales Bar
  • Real Time Sales Notifications
  • Bookshelf Sales Sync
  • Copy & Paste Listing Attributes
  • Listing Component Profiles
  • Smart Listing Dropdowns
  • Advanced Product Search
  • Batch Editor
  • Category Search & Select
  • Auto-populate Book Data
  • Generate Custom Store Links
  • Listing Dash Book Preview
  • Airtable Sales Sync
  • Keyword Splitter
  • Create Rich HTML Descriptions
  • Keyword Character Counters
  • Quickly Switch Bases
  • Barnes & Noble Integration
  • Rakuten Kobo Integration
  • Google Play Integration
  • Lulu Integration
  • Priority Support

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KDP Wizard completely automates the process of creating a spreadsheet — or rather, a base — that contains all of your Kindle Direct Publishing products, and their associated data, in one place. It works by integrating your KDP listings with Airtable — an incredibly powerful yet super easy to use database application. Give it a spin and find out how this app can change everything.